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... coming soon to a town near you

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Massage Your Words...

in the Even-Numbered Year

Using the right imagery
and appropriate words 
can turn a storyline 
from average 
to outstanding. 

The magic of a story isn't the problem and solution - it's all about how the words come together to set the stage, explain the circumstances and lead the reader to the conclusion. 

Join award-winning author Ingrid Lundquist and learn how the rhythm of the even-numbered year helps the writer set the foundation for a solid story and welcome the gusto of words in the odd-numbered year.    

This class is for writers or wanna-be writers who wish to improve their writing skills. The content adds an artistic twist to the methodical process of writing and presents concepts that can be applied to short and long stories, blog posts, articles and novels. The information enables writers to understand the balance required in writing a story that keeps the reader engaged. 

You’ll leave this session knowing how to:
· Add confidence to your writing.
· Capitalize on the inherent characteristics of the even-numbered year.
· Mesmerize the reader with your storytelling rhythm.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Let Pictures Drive the Words: Writing Travel Stories that Entice

Ever wonder why some travel blogs or magazine articles seem to lure you into the experience while others leave you flat? It’s not a question of using big words or posting photos of an exotic destination, creating a good read is all about being tuned-in to your surroundings and telling a story from your own unique perspective. 
Join me, Ingrid Lundquist (award-winning author and street photographer) for a half day, two half-days, or a full four-day workshop where we’ll merge the view of the photographer with the soul of the writer. 

Prerequisite – a desire to improve both your photography and your writing, and become a better storyteller. Bring your camera, a flash drive, and your laptop. We’ll start with an indoor presentation, then put the theory to practice on a walk-about. You’ll shoot photos, collect ideas, identify bullet points, write sentences… and you’ll learn to build engaging photo-driven travel stories that leave your readers wanting more.

Whether it’s a travel blog, journal or the next great novel, your writing will capture the interest of the reader when the visuals drive the story. Learn how to build a photo-driven story, edit your photos to tell the right story, and then identify information to leave out and information to include. You'll  discover how to enrich your writing and bring your audience back time-and-again. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hemingway & Gusto at Conference on Creative Writing at Pacific

FRIDAY, June 23 at 1:30pm
Jennifer Basye Sander
“Could Hemingway Get a Book Deal in Our Time?”  A Look at the Publishing Past to Understand the Future.  Former Random House Senior Editor Jennifer Basye Sander, the co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Published, examines how writing and publishing have morphed and changed over time, how in some ways they have not, and what it means to us today. 

SUNDAY, June 25 at 10am & 11:30 am   
Ingrid Lundquist  
“Writing with Gusto in the Odd-Numbered Year”  Run out of things to say or stumped by how to liven up the flat areas in your story? Join this session and discover how to build a personal inventory that will ignite the power of your writing and keep readers engaged. Ingrid shares tips on using visual cues to harness tension, and integrating the magical qualities of white space into your writing. See conference website for full schedule and registration information.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Writing with Gusto in the Odd-Numbered Year

Are you a writer or wanna be writer searching for creative inspiration? Look no farther, it’s coming to Sylvan Oaks Library - “Writing with Gusto in the Odd-Numbered Year.” Ingrid Lundquist of The Book-In-Hand Roadshow will present a series of writing workshops for adults aged 55+ years on Tuesday mornings (February 21 & 28, March 7) from 10am-12noon.

You’ll learn how to capitalize on what you already know, overcome the anxiety of thinking you don’t have enough to say, and tap into your own endless source of creativity. After three mornings of discovery, you’ll walk away with effective (and portable) tools that can be applied to any writing style.
Registration and attendance at all three sessions is required. A Creative Aging Program.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The BIH Roadshow at Writers Conference on Creative Writing at Pacific

It's a double feature...back-to-back presentations by Ingrid Lundquist.
“Start Organizing Your Book: How to Move Your Project Ahead When You're Not Inspired to Write 
Feel like you’re wasting precious time, have too many story ideas and don’t know where to start? Ingrid shares tips that will ensure your writing time will be productive and your book project will progress, no matter how uninspired you may feel.

"Bring Your Story to Life: How to Let Pictures Drive the Words” 
The world of blogging marries words with pictures, but who wants to read about your third dinner in a foreign country when you couldn’t read the menu or your dog’s favorite squeaky toy. Interesting to you, but boring to others. An award-winning author, photographer, and FiveWeeksInFlorence blogger, Ingrid shows you how to use picture elements to drive and enhance your story… whatever your topic, whatever the length.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Start Organizing Your Book Today

Learn How to Move Your Project Forward Even When You Don’t Feel Like Writing Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell and whether you write it yourself, dictate into a machine, or tell it to a ghost writer… you have to start somewhere. 

With the holidays now complete, you probably fall into one of two categories: 1) you’re the person who is anxious for some time alone to start writing, or 2) you have so many ideas, and new holiday memories, you don’t know where to start. 

Ingrid Lundquist, author of the award-winning Dictionary of Publishing Terms: What Every Writer Needs to Know and founder of The Book-In-Hand Roadshow, kicks-off the first 2016 meeting of Springfield History Club with tips that will jump-start your writing project. “Start Organizing Your Book Today” is not just about writing your story, it’s about building a book. She’ll show you how to develop the book parts as you write your story so you’re not caught off guard without the material you need in the end. She’ll explain in layman’s terms the different parts of a book and give tips on how to write them. You’ll learn insider-secrets on hooking different audiences, and why it’s ok to have an audience of one. Yes, it really is ok to have an audience of one. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tune-up for Creatives

One-stop shop 
for your photos and resume
It’s time to update your brand (“brand”...that means you!)

While creative people want to spend their time being creative, and the business world wants to see the business side of you, joining the two can be a dilemma.

Don’t despair. The Book-In-Hand Roadshow has experts to provide professional services, and results, in a speedy time frame.

Sign up now to refresh your brand and have the electronic files at your fingertips when you need them.

The $95 Tune-Up
    ·      A standard color head shot 
    ·      A casual/personality color shot
    ·     Refresher on your one page resume

NOTE: Electronic one page resume to be submitted prior to appointment. If you do not have an electronic resume, one can be created for you at an additional charge. 

Meet the professionals...

Noel Neuburger

Editorial and commercial photographer Noel Neuburger has been shooting people and events the business and social arena of the greater Sacramento area for more than 20 years. A one-time editor of the Sacramento News & Review weekly newspaper, he is a talented photo journalist whose work has graced the covers and feature stories of Comstock’s Magazine and the Sacramento Business Journal. With two kids away in college, Noel lives with his wife in Carmichael, CA and can often be found camera-in-hand strolling along the American River. His photographs have been in group and solo shows, as well as on-line magazines 

A native of New Orleans, he created a heart-wrenching photo documentary of hurricane Katrina. (photo credit Mark Pokempner)
Debra Payne

Debra Payne built a career working in both sides of program funding for more than twenty years; first in program development / implementation and then in administering funds for non-profit community based agencies for First 5 Sacramento. She earned her Master's in Social Work and a Career Development Certificate from California State University Sacramento in 1997 and 1998, respectively. 

Debra has reviewed more proposals and resumes, and developed more grant applications than any one person should be required to do in a lifetime. She knows how to get to the heart of the information and present it in an understandable and professional manner. She is an expert at gardening in her mid-town Sacramento, CA home and enjoys spoiling her two grandsons.