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... coming soon to a town near you

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Writing with Gusto in the Odd-Numbered Year

Are you a writer or wanna be writer searching for creative inspiration? 

“Writing with Gusto in the Odd-Numbered Year” is your ticket to adding punch to your words and sizzle to your story. Award-winning author Ingrid Lundquist shows you how to harness the fire within your writer self to turn a tiny spark into a raging flame or make it smolder with desire. 

You’ll discover how to capitalize on what you already know, overcome the anxiety of thinking you don’t have enough to say, and tap into your own endless source of creativity. You’ll walk away with effective (and portable) tools that can be applied to any writing style. 

Gusto is a workshop for people who yearn to write bolder…and need a mighty push.

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