coming soon to a town near you

... coming soon to a town near you

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mather, CA June 13

Are you sick and tired of hearing about the “journey” of being an author? Do you just want to finish penning your book and flip through the pages?

Enter... The Book-in-Hand Roadshow© offering sessions designed to help writers understand the new world of self-publishing.

Local experts, who speak plain English, will explain the components involved in the print-on-demand (POD) process … plus, you’ll become familiar with the titles of the professionals and services they provide.

Hear local experts speak out on…
Editing - Cover DesignPublicity - Photography – Book Events.


Introduction to self-publishing and, tips on crafting your book event by Ingrid Lundquist, author and event planner.

THE INSIDE: “Editing for Your Reader”  Janet Fullwood, independent journalist and editor - write to your audience. Learn from a pro about the type of editing your story might need and how to make sure you're really writing for your audience?    

THE OUTSIDE: “The Visual Perspective” Doug Rietz, graphic designer and printing specialist - a strong cover image grabs attention. The words are only part of what makes a great book - learn about packaging your story to look good on the text pages and the cover.

SPREAD THE WORD: “Shameless Self-Promotion” the promo queen herself, Judith Horstman, journalist and author leads you through a long list of publicity options to sell your self and sell your book.

This three hour session with seasoned  professionals is guaranteed to kick-start your book project!

PLUS - Learn about the Espresso Book Machine at the Sacramento Main Library - one of three in California that prints out paperback books in less than 10 minutes... right before your eyes!