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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Talking Turkey and Taking Names

So many charming stories behind the recipes... but how do you coax them out of the relatives to create a family memoir with all those great tales and how do you get your hands on the recipes too?

Join Roxanne Langer, sommelier/author, and Ingrid Lundquist, event producer and author, as they share tips on entertaining and nudging information out of the most closed-lipped clan.  
Talking Turkey with Glass in Hand

Roxanne Langer, sommelier,
Author, “Talking Turkey with a Glass in Hand: Wine at Thanksgiving”

Opening your home to friends and family this   holiday season is your    opportunity to create lasting memories they will long hold dear. It’s your job to collect them.

Roxanne is your tutor for food and wine pairings, and offers some traditional and whimsical décor tips. She’ll show you how to capture the memories of the feast that will serve as vivid reminders of the love shared during the holidays… the table talk will provide the content for your holiday memoir.

              The Secret Ingredient: A Pocket Full of Tips
              for At-Home Entertaining

Ingrid E. Lundquist, CSEP, certified special event professional, author, 
“Results-Driven Event Planning: Using Marketing Tools to Boost Your Bottom Line”

Family dinner or treasured’s all about the people...the cooks in the kitchen, the butts in the seats. Ingrid is a pro when it comes to entertaining. She’ll share entertaining tips and “table talk tactics” to get your guests chatting about their favorite things. You’ll find out how to discover an old family recipe and even keep track of the correct spelling of proper names.

Holiday Memories: Learn How to Create a Family Memoir this Thanksgiving
Whether your children have asked you to recapture treasured moments, stories, and traditions, or simply to record valuable family information, many seniors are now sitting down to write about their lives. But how does one get started on such a daunting project?

Jennifer Basye Sander, NY Times Best Selling Author
Author of more than 70 books, Jennifer teaches nonfiction writing and publishing at community colleges in California,   and as an adjunct professor for the MFA program of the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts in Washington.

There’s More You Should Know”                                      by Jennifer Basye Sander, Skyhorse Publishing 2014

Beautifully designed with full-color  illustrations throughout, this book is a special place for parents to record the most significant reflections and remembrances of their lives, and it is sure be a treasured keepsake for their children and grandchildren for many years to come. A great holiday gift, autographed copies will be available for sale at the workshop.

At this workshop, former Random House Senior Editor and memoir writing coach Jennifer Basye Sander will help you get that book project started! She’ll guide you through the process of putting your memories onto the page and then turning them into a more structured personal memoir. You’ll learn how to create a family memoir; capture, document and organize the stories; and, determine the theme of your memoir.