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... coming soon to a town near you

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Let Pictures Drive the Words: Writing Travel Stories that Entice

Ever wonder why some travel blogs or magazine articles seem to lure you into the experience while others leave you flat? It’s not a question of using big words or posting photos of an exotic destination, creating a good read is all about being tuned-in to your surroundings and telling a story from your own unique perspective. 
Join me, Ingrid Lundquist (award-winning author and street photographer) for a half day, two half-days, or a full four-day workshop where we’ll merge the view of the photographer with the soul of the writer. 

Prerequisite – a desire to improve both your photography and your writing, and become a better storyteller. Bring your camera, a flash drive, and your laptop. We’ll start with an indoor presentation, then put the theory to practice on a walk-about. You’ll shoot photos, collect ideas, identify bullet points, write sentences… and you’ll learn to build engaging photo-driven travel stories that leave your readers wanting more.

Whether it’s a travel blog, journal or the next great novel, your writing will capture the interest of the reader when the visuals drive the story. Learn how to build a photo-driven story, edit your photos to tell the right story, and then identify information to leave out and information to include. You'll  discover how to enrich your writing and bring your audience back time-and-again.