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... coming soon to a town near you

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tackling the Talk Circuit:

Preparing Authors for Speaking, and Working with the Media 

Mary Jane Popp,

Want to learn how to contact the media to promote your book, and how to prepare for an interview?
Who better to show you the ropes than Mary Jane Popp, author of Marilyn, Joe & Me, and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, "PoppOff." A master of on-air delivery and making her guests feel important, Mary Jane will show you how to boost your self-confidence and play an active role in delivering a great interview. This is a special opportunity to get solid tips from an author/talk show host who knows both sides of what can be a pulse-racing experience for authors. 

                        Jack L. Parker,
           AUTHOR and FLY FISHER

Jack L. Parker is an avid fly fisher who spends most of his time writing travel adventure novels including Tibetan Adventure and Patagonian Adventure.

His latest novel, The Valley of Tranquility, was released in September 2014 and earned him an interview with Judyth Piazza on “The American Perspective,” a national talk radio program. He’ll discuss why it’s important for authors to speak about their work, and how interviews on TV, local and national talk radio raise author visibility and impact book sales.