coming soon to a town near you

... coming soon to a town near you

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Escape the Ordinary: Explore the World of Words and Pictures

Hello friends in 
Johnson City, TEXAS 

You know Ingrid Lundquist as the founder of The Book-In-Hand Roadshow. She is also a street photographer who's work captures a snippet of information that begs the viewer to finish the story.

The last week in June she'll join "Shootapalooza," an ad hoc group of photographers who spend a week in a different city each year. They'll be in Johnson City this year celebrating the week-long the 5th Anniversary of a.smith gallery. Two of Ingrid's photos "Bienvenidos" and "Sea-Saw" will be featured in a photography show called H2O at East Main Grill, Reception, Saturday, June 27, 7pm.
Her black and white photo "Morning Ritual," will be enlarged for the wheat paste project... images plastered to the side of a building. Workshop participants will be wheat-pasting on buildings Friday and Saturday, June 26 & 27. Drive around town - you'll be sure to see them at work.

For more information on photo related workshops and activities see 

FREE roadshow session at the library.

Escape the Ordinary: 
Explore the World of Words and Pictures.

Imagine this…you have an idea for a story, you’re thinking about starting a blog, or you want to journal your travels AND you already have an audience of readers who wants to read what you write. All you have to do is keep their attention when they first read your words and entice them to return. Whether you’re writing blog posts, travel journal entries or a novel, it all starts with your imagination and putting words on paper.

With Ingrid as your guide, you’ll discover how to keep your words fresh and your audience by your side. Plus, in celebration of photo week in Johnson City, we’ll explore enhancing your writing by adding images to your words.

You’ll leave this session knowing how to:
     · Bring the reader into your world.
     · Add value to your content.
     · Invite readers to come back before they leave.   

BRING YOUR CAMERA or camera phone.  We’ll have costumes and you’ll be able to snap some shots for the library photo contest.  (amateurs welcome, any age)

         ***  To see Ingrid's photo stories, visit