coming soon to a town near you

... coming soon to a town near you

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Massage Your Words...

in the Even-Numbered Year

Using the right imagery
and appropriate words 
can turn a storyline 
from average 
to outstanding. 

The magic of a story isn't the problem and solution - it's all about how the words come together to set the stage, explain the circumstances and lead the reader to the conclusion. 

Join award-winning author Ingrid Lundquist and learn how the rhythm of the even-numbered year helps the writer set the foundation for a solid story and welcome the gusto of words in the odd-numbered year.    

This class is for writers or wanna-be writers who wish to improve their writing skills. The content adds an artistic twist to the methodical process of writing and presents concepts that can be applied to short and long stories, blog posts, articles and novels. The information enables writers to understand the balance required in writing a story that keeps the reader engaged. 

You’ll leave this session knowing how to:
· Add confidence to your writing.
· Capitalize on the inherent characteristics of the even-numbered year.
· Mesmerize the reader with your storytelling rhythm.