coming soon to a town near you

... coming soon to a town near you

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The BIH Roadshow at Writers Conference on Creative Writing at Pacific

It's a double feature...back-to-back presentations by Ingrid Lundquist.
“Start Organizing Your Book: How to Move Your Project Ahead When You're Not Inspired to Write 
Feel like you’re wasting precious time, have too many story ideas and don’t know where to start? Ingrid shares tips that will ensure your writing time will be productive and your book project will progress, no matter how uninspired you may feel.

"Bring Your Story to Life: How to Let Pictures Drive the Words” 
The world of blogging marries words with pictures, but who wants to read about your third dinner in a foreign country when you couldn’t read the menu or your dog’s favorite squeaky toy. Interesting to you, but boring to others. An award-winning author, photographer, and FiveWeeksInFlorence blogger, Ingrid shows you how to use picture elements to drive and enhance your story… whatever your topic, whatever the length.