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Friday, May 2, 2014

BIH Authors at Gold Country Book Festival

What Every Writer Needs to Know
Award-winning author, event producer, and founder of The Book-In-Hand Roadshow kicks-off the 2014 Gold Country Book Festival with a lively presentation about book parts. “People usually focus on writing their book and don’t think about the other written elements until the story is done,” she said. “I’ll talk about the different book parts and show you why it’s important to work on them as you go….really…it will make your life easier and you may discover a gold nugget in the process.”

The Dictionary of Publishing Terms: What Every Writer Needs to Know  Finally… simple language explains the most often used words in publishing. From ISBN to index, to gutter and perfect bound, professional terms and book elements you need to know are all in one place, organized as you would find them in a book. Start at the front cover and there’s the information – where you need it, when you need it! A workbook, dictionary and guide all in one.
Young Writers Workshop "WHERE TO START"
Christina Richter joins Ingrid Lundquist in discussing the starting point for young writers. Ages 12 and up.

CHRISTINA RICHTER is president of the Roseville, California Historical Society. She enjoys local history and every opportunity she has to talk about it. She gives history presentations delighting small and large audiences from age 10 to 110. She is a 15-year freelance writer with short stories in several anthologies. This is her first published novel.  

Walk With Me, I Want to Tell You Something: The Story of the Roseville Fiddyment Family  In 1853, Elizabeth Jane Crawford Fiddyment left the  comfort of her home in Illinois to join the thousands of fortune-seekers heading west to find prosperity. A young widow with a baby boy, her journey had already included great love, tragedy, and murder. She ultimately built a land empire that grew to 10,000 acres. Seven generations of her family have called Roseville, California their home. This is their story.

MEET THE BIH AUTHORS... A roadshow favorite, Tony Barcellos joins Ingrid and Christina at The B-I-H Roadshow Booth.

ANTHONY BARCELLOS grew up speaking Portuguese on his grandfather's dairy farm in Porterville, a small town in Tulare County. He now teaches math full-time at American River College. Tony said, "You know you’ve opened the floodgates when your sister says, ‘I’m afraid you’re going to get into a lot of trouble’.”

Land of Milk and Money is the story of the Francisco family, Portuguese immigrants from the Azores who settle on a dairy farm in California's Central Valley. The    legacy of one generation becomes a point of contention as the members of the next generation begin to compete to inherit and control their heritage, which includes herds of cattle and tracts of farm land. A courtroom confrontation over the family matriarch’s will is at center stage as the contending factions discover that the old lady had plans of her own for securing her legacy.
The 2014 Gold Country Book Festival is sponsored by Friends of the Auburn Library, Gold Country Writers, Placer County Library, and Placer