coming soon to a town near you

... coming soon to a town near you

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Letting Pictures Drive the Words: Writing Travel Stories that Entice

Whether it's a travel blog, journal or the next great novel, your writing will capture the interest of the reader when the visuals drive the story. Readers don't want to struggle through another boring tale about the waiter delivering the wrong dessert or the rocky boat ride.

Talk about the color and the aromas and how the place makes you feel. Bring your story to life by sharing secrets only you would uncover...  just by being there. Join award-winning author and street photographer Ingrid Lundquist to learn her method of 'photo-driven' storytelling. 

You'll understand how to build a 'photo-driven' story, edit your photos to tell the right story, and be able to identify information to leave out and information to include to enrich your writing and bring your audience back time-and-again.